#EquipSA Session 2: Terry Kreuger (@TerryKreuger)

#EquipSA Session 2: Terry Kreuger
The Three Prodigals

Luke 15

If you miss verse 2, you miss the point of this story – It’s a response to the Pharisees doubt.
The Pharisees were the one who struggled with Jesus.
The sinners flocked to Him.
The Pharisees thought that their good deeds made them right with God.

Luke 7 – Jesus talking with the prostitute (sexual outcast)
John 4 – Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman (racial outcast)

Lost Sheep = Great effort

Lost coin = Great value

Two lost sons = Great love of a great Father

  • In all of these stories, God places value on the lost.
  • When the sheep is lost, it’s still a sheep.
  • When the coin is lost, it’s still a coin
  • When the son is lost, he is still a son
  • It’s not about your position but about your value in God
  • Position does not determine your value in God

The Younger Brother

  • It was the ultimate insult when the younger son asked his father for his share of the inheritance – He was saying, “I wish you were dead already”
  • Then he lives as if his father was dead
  • Then, he came to his senses… In that place of want, he has this ‘duh’ moment – I am going to go back to my father He has tried to destroy that relationship
  • Once I am a son, I can never become an un-son
  • In the citizens eyes he was of lower worth than pigs
  • This cannot be in the Church!
  • We place the same value on people that what God does
  • When we pray for our unsaved family and friends, we partner with God
  • God chose to reveal Himself as “Father”, not CEO or Boss or Manager
  • God’s love for us will NEVER change
  • God loves you and I in spite of what He knows about us, past, present and future
  • The Good News just got ‘gooder’
  • When the son left, he was all about “give me”. When he returned he was all about “make me”
  • Long before we go make disciples we get, “Come follow me and I will make you”
  • The father saw the younger son coming because he was out there looking for him
  • Our sin is always primarily against God – “Father, I have sinned against heaven and you…”
  • There is no probation period when we come home.
  • We come home as full sons
  • The father uses language like, “This son of mine” – He belongs to me
  • The revelation of “my father” comes in the pig sty, not when I clean myself up

The Older Brother

  • He is alienated from his father
  • Very busy with his father’s things, but he doesn’t know him
  • He is self righteous and looks down on his brother
  • If you’ve looked at bacon and eggs in your heart for too long, you’ve committed breakfast in your heart! – We all need a Saviour!
  • We have to stop judging
  • We stop puppies from peeing on the carpet by rubbing their noses in it. But, we don’t help sinners by rubbing their noses in their sin! We show them the Father
  • It’s the kindness of God that leads sinners to repentance
  • If the older brother had met the younger son on the way back home, the story would’ve ended differently
  • The father never mentions the younger sons sin
  • The older brother was as far from the father’s heart as the younger son was geographically
  • It was the older sons responsibility to go and find his lost, younger brother but yet he refused
  • He never related to his father’s joy when his brother came home
  • The older brother thought he could earn the father’s love by what he did

You and I

  • We have lost the pain of lost people
  • We have also lost the joy of seeing the lost come home
  • Our right standing with God does not come from what we do
  • Proximity doesn’t change anything in our relationship – we can be close physically but far relationally
  • You can sleep in a garage your whole life and never become a car

There is a Third Son

  • That is Jesus Himself, the one telling the story
  • He is the perfect son
  • He kept the law and will of his Father
  • He also understood and demonstrated His Father’s heart
  • He became a Prodigal for our sake, but not in disobedience but in love
  • He left His father’s house to go to a people who despised Him
  • He spent everything that He had
  • Prodigal means “to spend recklessly”
  • Jesus spent everything He had to restore our relationship with our Father
  • The person we should most identify with is the Third Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • And because of this, I can reach out to those with that same love.


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