#EquipSA Session 4: Marcus Herbert interviews Hennie Keyter (@Marcus_Herbert)

#EquipSA Session 4: Marcus Herbert interviews Hennie Keyter


You have been working into Africa and the Middle East for over 40 years. How did it begin?


I got saved in 2 September 1972.
A man turned up in our home and told me there is work that needs to be done.
I was out of my comfort zone. It was there that I was so moved that there are people that are going to Hell.

Once you’ve had an encounter with Jesus, there’s no way you can stay the same.


Tell us about some new countries you are working into, like Zanzibar.


We need to hear from God when it comes to moving into new areas.
Then it’s the timing.

Someone in Kenya told me of the work in Zanzibar.
This contact had another contact and so it happened.
We were only there for 2 days and I was praying, “God we only have one more opportunity at this new village…”

On our way going there, God gave me a vision of a man.
When we know that God is going with us, we can expect the miraculous.
I opened my eyes during the time of worship and I saw the exact face that God had shown me.

He had cancer… During the time of worship he was in such pain and I knew God was going to reveal His power.
I called the man out and he said the doctor said he should go home and get ready to die…

But God healed him! and that’s how the island opened for us.


Tell us about Ethiopia.


Psalm 2:8

God was pushing us further up North.
We arrived in Addis Ababa and drove up to a military town and stayed at a brothel!

Walking on the streets we ended up in a house with a group of men who had heard from God months before telling them that I was going to come!

A lady walked up towards me at the brothel and said, “God has said to me that you’re coming with me to Egypt.”

If we press into God, He will use us.


Tell us about Sudan. You had a crash landing…


We were 4 on this specific trip; Dave, Richard, Anton and I.
This was Anton’s first trip.

We arrived in Kenya and no-one wanted to fly us into Sudan.
We found a Russian named Smirnoff who flew us into Sudan where we ended up crash landing!

We saw a man who brought a boy who was disfigured and lifeless…
Dave took his hand off this boy’s head and there was blood.
We prayed and nothing happened so the father and his son left…
Within seconds the father came back and the boy was walking with him!

Smirnoff ended up being captured, but he managed to escape.

We had run out of supplies, no water and food and we needed to get out of there.
We went back to our home made camp and we heard Smirnoff coming back with his plane!

We ended up crash landing again!
The engines ceased as the plane hit the ground and because of the impact we landed over a bunch of trees…

It was so quiet that I thought we were in Heaven!


Acts 15:25

Not many of us have been in positions like this. Middle East, Ethiopia, Sudan Speak to us about partnerships…


God has just joined our hearts together.
We were in Sudan together about 400m from the enemy.
We could actually hear them speaking.

The next morning they had planned to attack us.
I remember that time Dave had a problem seeing…

That night he wrote a letter to his family saying goodbye and telling them to get on with their lives.

There are many people here who are dear friends who have walked this road with me.


There is also Samuel, a guy on the West Coast. Tell us about a man named Grecian.


Grecian retired at 70, when he got saved and came into ministry.
The last I saw him, he was over 100 at that time.

He said, “I am afraid to die… It would be nice if you could come with me!”
I told him, “You go, and I’ll meet you soon.”


There are guys like hennie Keyter and Keir Tayler who God is going to continue to team us up with.
It’s not just about drinking coffee together.
It’s about reaching the nations together.

Hennie, how do you get involved in these regions?


Get saved!
We live out our identity in Christ.


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