#EquipSA Session 5: Mike Hanchett (@MichaelHanchett)

#EquipSA Session 5: Mike Hanchett

What is your expectation tonight?

  • His presence and power to heal is in this room tonight.
  • When they lowered that man through the roof to be healed, there was no indication that Jesus was praying for the sick.
  • There’s an expectation tonight that during the preaching of the Word, healings will take place.
  • I want to see His desire fulfilled tonight.
  • We still don’t completely have an idea of all that God desires to do, and God desires to do it through you and I.
  • I want to be like Caleb, that my latter years will be better than my former years.
  • God wants to do more than we ask, think or even imagine.
  • God transcends our personalities

Russ Doty and I were asked to go and pray with a lady one day. We anointed this lady with oil. She had put 6 vertebrae in her back out of place. And as she stood up, each of her vertebrae popped back into place. Pop, pop, pop. Amazing!

Acts 5:12-16

  • All were healed when they prayed for the sick
  • The Greek means “everyone in that geographical location”

Acts 19:11-12

  • People being healed though handkerchiefs being sent out
  • “Extraordinary” miracles took place

Isaiah 8:11

  • I felt the strong hand of God pressed down upon me
  • Signs means “marked” – the imprint of God, which was put upon people
  • Let’s not minimize the laying on of hands
  • Things are broken off people’s lives as we lay hands on them
  • When hands were laid upon people, they would have a greater revelation of what

God wants to do God wants us to Change Gears

  • When we lay hands on people, we must expect God to break off restrictions
  • Why do you think Jonah never wanted to go to Nineveh? Because God wanted the people there to repent, and Jonah never wanted that!
  • God has dreams and desires that He has placed in our hearts, and He wants to see those fulfilled to make space for even more

Ephesians 6:10

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might

  • Our strength is in our Lord Jesus Christ
  • In the Greek it means resurrection power; an excessive dose of inward strength; a demonstrated power

Ephesians 1:19-21

  • The same power that raised Christ from the dead, lives in you and I
  • Early on in the meeting God said to me, “Stretch your arms out like an Eagle and run around the stage” and I never… And often, God has spoken to us and said things, and we’ve said “Oh God, I can’t do that.” And it’s because of pride.

The Kingdom of God is like having child like Faith.

We just need to believe what God says, and do what He asks.

The power of God is the “oomph” of God, working through you and I.

It will never be you and never be me. It will always be Him.

I didn’t just receive healing. I received a revelation of who God is when hands were laid upon me.

You are a special receptacle, created to contain this power of God. Nothing in all creation has been designed for this.

We are God’s poetry, set in motion. You have been designed for this.

Be empowered by God.

When God touched His people;

  • David danced with all his might before the Lord
  • Paul was knocked to the ground.
  • The disciples seemed drunk.

The Early Church did not have one book.
They just believed what Jesus said, and did what He told them to do and the supernatural took place.

We need to get back to the rawness of the New Testament Church.

Our lives have become so comfortable that we no longer even have an expectation for the miraculous.

Don’t fast in unbelief. God never said he will take us from mess to glory. No. He said He will take us from glory to glory.

I surrender to His Lordship each and every day.

If He isn’t Lord of all, then He isn’t Lord at all.

Today we say, “Hey Jesus, take up your cross and follow me.”

We must expect a breaker anointing to break cycles of sin and sickness over peoples loves.

We are not a Joshua Generation. We are ambassadors with all the rights and the authority of our King Jesus.

We go with His power and His authority.

And Jesus said, “I will be with you wherever you go…” Jesus has set us up for victory!

Our God is able!


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