#EquipSA Session 8 (Final Session): Tyrone Daniel (@tyroneLdaniel)

#EquipSA Session 8 (Final Session): Tyrone Daniel

We celebrate our diversity.
We never want to graduate from Jesus being our everything.

What the world says success is, is very different to what success in the Kingdom is.
Success in the Kingdom is a succession of “yes’s” to the King, regardless of the outcome and of our circumstances.

What does a great Church look like?

God does not call us to wonder if one day I will hear “Well done good and faithful servant?”

There is an obsession today with growing large churches.
But in the Kingdom, it is God who brings growth and not you.
There are things we can do that can hinder or stop the growth of our churches.
God is not about how many people show up on Sundays.
He is interested in what we are doing with the people that we have.

Trust for God to grow, but don’t you try and grow it.
We advance with the Gospel of the Kingdom, not by our own clever ideas.

Some marks of a great Church:
Colossians 1:1-14

1. Their Faith in Jesus (vs4)

  • Is Jesus the priority in our churches?
  • Not faith in the church or even in our leaders
  • 1 Thessalonians 1:8
  • Do we in our Leaders meetings talk more about problems than we do about Jesus?

2. Their Passion (vs4)

  • Not only their love for the lost, but also for God’s people
  • Do I love the saints still?
  • How do we win the world if we don’t love each other?
  • In all the busyness we must value the individual Greet one another; love one another; bear with one another; serve one another…

3. A people who believe in a Promise (vs5)

  • We have to remind our people of what our future looks like, a God given inheritance

4. Perspective – An understanding of God’s grace (vs6)

  • Often those who are so ‘for’ the preaching of grace are often the ones least willing to extend grace to those around them
  • We must have a Biblical revelation and right understanding of Grace
  • Grace not only saves us but it also sanctifies us
  • We need an eternal perspective of grace
  • Grace does not liberate us to go and sin; it teaches us to say no to sin
  • Be careful to what teachings you expose yourself to

5. Pattern is Servant Leadership (vs7-8)

  • Our content and our character need to be consistent
  • Elders are given the highest authority in a local church and so we better hear God
  • Elders first need to guard the Gospel of the Kingdom
  • Then we have a responsibility to Shepherd His people
  • Psalm 78:72
  • Ezekiel 34 is a job description for Shepherds/Elders
  • Elders need to be guiding the people
  • We need a team of people
  • I don’t want karaoke Elders; I don’t want them singing my song
  • Leadership means to delegate the work to the right people so they can do it better than you
  • Leadership is not to model perfection, but it’s us being real
  • Leadership isn’t to tear people down but to build them up
  • Leadership is not being envious but being a student
  • Leadership isn’t about restraining people but releasing them

6. Plurality: we work as a team

  • Plurality of elders and leaders
  • We are not called to be Lone Rangers
  • We don’t want or need yes men, but we also don’t need ‘no’ men
  • A successful team needs chemistry
  • Don’t use the pulpit to address or attack people
  • We don’t need any suspicion on team – we need liberated teams
  • We need creativity on our teams
  • We need ‘cheerers’ not complainers
  • People who ‘play’ together stay together

7. A Church that Prays (vs9)

  • It’s a sign of a great Church
  • Don’t fit our prayer meetings around our people

8. Producing a transformed People (vs10)

  • Paul used the return of Christ to produce a transformed people

9. Presence and Power of God (vs10)

  • Not just talked about, but demonstrated
  • Exodus 33
  • Acts 10:38

10. Pioneering (vs10)

  • This Gospel is producing fruit
  • It is time to take new territory
  • God has called us to be fruitful
  • There is no insignificant Church in God’s eyes
  • All growth is seasonal
  • Don’t close down if you’re not seeing growth
  • Be free to be who God has called you to be

A successful Church is measured by God.
It’s time to let some people go!


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