Monitors monitoring the monitor: Getting your monitor mix right

So a few years back we moved our musos from 4 floor wedges to headphones for their monitor mix and it’s been working really well. It’s been affordable and has changed the way we do things. There are massive pros to going this route, but there are also limitations. Not to the system, but to the budget…

My main gripe has been the fact that our mixing console only has 6 aux sends, 2 of which are post-fade.
This has limited us in some ways.

You can’t run your click/metronome on a post-fade aux because you’ll hear the thing out the FOH. Not cool.
Also, in the quieter times of worship, you’ll still want to be able to hear yourself clearly without having your monitor volume affected by the fader being pushed down…

There are cheap options where you can have musos share a monitor mix, but who wants to do that!?

And that fact that we spend half our Sunday morning sound check on getting everyone’s monitor mix right.
So where to from here?

This is what I’m shopping around for right now. An affordable flexible system that allows for growth but that’s not going to break the bank. And I think I’ve found it thanks to Behringer and Paul Collinson! Thanks for the heads up mate. 😉

This is what our shopping list will look like;

1. One POWERPLAY 16 P16-I (16-channel input module)

2. Five  x POWERPLAY 16 P16-M’s (16-Channel Digital Personal Mixer)

3. Five x POWERPLAY 16 P16-MB (mounting brackets)

3. And a whole lotta CAT5 cable

And all this for around R16,000.00.

With this system, everyone has control over their own monitor mix allowing the FOH Sound Engineer to focus on getting his mix right.

This is an idea of what our setup will look like:

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.52.02 AM

Do you run your monitors via headphones, earbuds or a proper in-ear system?
Are you still giving your Sound Tech grey hairs with your 16″ wedge floor monitors?

Would love to hear your thoughts.



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