Do your Sunday morning sound check in 5 minutes!

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 9.32.17 AM

We have 1 hour on a Sunday to run through sound check, and spend 20 minutes of that time setting monitor levels.
It usually goes something like this:

– The team arrives and sets their gear and music sheets up.
– Our team consists of keys, violin, drums, bass, electric, 2 acoustics and 3 vocals — and we run 7/8 separate monitor mixes.
– 7am we do a quick welcome and prayer, then get going with setting monitor levels.
(Just a side note: Our sound engineer adjusts our monitor levels — we don’t have a Aviom or Hear Back system)
– 20 minutes later we start working through the setlist. We do a well known song first just to settle everyone. (more on that later)
– Of the 5 or so songs we prepare, we usually only have time to work through 3.
– Finish at 8am and join in the pre-church prayer meeting.
– 8:30am we’re all on stage and ready to roll by 8:35am.

Here’s a small change we made last week, and it was huge:

Instead of working through everyone’s monitor levels up front, everyone plugged in and we went for it. No checking; no adjusting. Just went for it. And it worked.

Well, at band rehearsal the Thursday before we had already set monitor levels, so in all reality these shouldn’t have changed, much.

Yes there’s a tweak here and there, but it was minor.

Here’s what last week Sunday looked like:

– The team arrived and set their gear up.
– 7am we did a quick welcome and prayer, then got going with the first song.
– We did Ever Be first.
– After that we made one or two minor monitor level tweaks and carried on.
– We managed to work though our ENTIRE setlist and still had 10 minutes to spare! (we don’t do every song all the way through though — we just focus on the important bits like the intro and ending/transition into next song)
– We closed our time off in prayer and then joined the other prayer meeting.

Usually it’s a crazy rush on a Sunday trying to get through everything.
This Sunday was so different.
We felt like we ‘jelled’ together better and felt more confident in where we wanted to lead the church.
It’s certainly made things better for us.

Maybe give this a bash and see if it helps you?



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