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Hey, been a while.

So this last weekend half our Church were away on a building project in #Swaziland. Church was quiet. Kids Church even quieter. And the band? Half the guys weren’t there!

You’ll remember a while ago me raving about all the new people that have joined our worship team, and you would’ve thought that this weekend would’ve been the perfect opportunity to get them involved. But I never. A missed opportunity. But never again. And here’s why…

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Digital Signage @solidgroundc

Hey, my first post for 2013!

We had a great 3 week break over Dec/Jan which meant loads of family chill time, surfing, braai-ing (barbequing for my American friends), fishing and movies… And we had a typical Summer here in Zululand which meant lots of sunshine!

As my first post I thought I’d give you a basic idea of how we run our Sunday notices.
In the past we would print flyers and month planners but inevitably these would end up either not being taken, or when taken not being used.

So we thought why not setup some LED screens and run the announcement slides from there.
And the rest is history.

This is how it’s done each week:

1. Using Keynote (you could also use PPT if you really have to) I create individual slides each with its own image and content.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 11.08.50 AM

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Pastoring your Worship Team (#ncminationalleaders2012)

I had the massive privilege of leading worship at the National Leaders 2012 conference at NCF in Pietermaritzburg last week. It was incredible.

I also had a 15min slot in the Worship elective to share on “Pastoring your worship team.”
While I am no expert as I’m sure you know, here are my notes: Pastoring your Worship Team.

I never got through them all hence me posting them here.
Hope they help in some way.


Host Team Manual

I enjoy putting together procedure manuals.
Maybe it comes from my previous job as a Technical Illustrator where I’d be responsible for drawing Parts and Operator Manuals for those big yellow trucks you see driving around.

Here’s what I’ve called our Host Team Manual_Solid Ground Church.
Basically, it tells you who does what on our Host Team at Solid Ground when it comes to meetings.

Hope it helps you in some way.