Using #ProPresenter to run your worship #loops

Hey there.

We’ve been using a mix between Ableton and ProPresenter to run our clicks and loops.
If you’re not too sure what or why we use loops, check this post out.

Ableton is fantastic for this, but it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

So to keep things simple, sometimes ProPresenter is easier, especially when we’re training new guys.
We want to make it easy for them, but at the same time make sure they’re stretching themselves.

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What your Leader expects from: Songword Projection

What is expected - media.005

This is Part 5 of my “What your Leader expects from” series and today we talk Songword Projection.
Displaying songwords in worship with excellence is often an overlooked area of ministry. Done well, it is not noticed much, but done poorly, everyone notices. (especially the English teachers in your congregation!)

So, how do we find a balance and help people worship without being a distraction?

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