Sermons from #equipfrance







Mark Neumann and I recently returned from an incredible time in France, where we attended the Equip time.
More on that topic later but for now, you can download the sermons at the links below.

(Right click on a link and select “Save Target As”.)

Session 1: Ashley Bell – Our Prophetic Future

Session 2: Tim Williams – The Kingdom of God

Session 3: Lisa Crawford – A prophetic Picture

Session 4: Rana Jones – Audacious Faith

Session 5: Alex van Laren – Raising our Level of Expectation

Session 6: Lee Cowles – Daring to Believe (apologies for the poor quality for the first half)

Session 7: Mark Neumann – Battle Ready

Session 8: Matt Jones – Daring to Believe

Session 9: James Crawford – We are the Aroma of Christ

We had a combined meeting at La Cité on Sunday morning where Ashley Bell preached.
Download his sermon here:

Ashley Bell – A true picture of Jesus