This weeks freebies

I’m always looking out for better ways of doing AV at our Church, be it better motion backgrounds for worship, service opener videos, loops, gear, pretty much anything.

So this is a first of many posts where I’ll list what I’ve found and am going to try out.
Feel free to grab these files from my Dropbox folder in the links attached.

Hope they help make your meetings more awesome!


Atmosphere (nice background for announcing an event)


Our God (B, 105bpm)
Our God is love (synth intro part)
O praise Him (Bb, 115bpm)


I Am (opener)
Red motion background
Blue motion background
Water circle background

Church Website Docs:

Church Websites 101 (start here before you launch your new site)

Worship Ministry Docs:

Worship Ministry Expectations (what I expect from people in our team)
Pastoring your Worship Team
Sunday Morning Runsheet (PCO doc of what our Sunday meeting looks like)

Music Sheets:

Bless the Lord (10,000 reasons)
Cornerstone (C)
Exalted One
Be lifted high
White flag (D)


Frequency Chart (shows you what frequencies different instruments play at)

Social Media:

The Church App (company in USA who design phone apps for Churches)
Facebook Cheat Sheet
Story Conference Booklet


How to Preach a Series


Church Leadership 101