Video Installation at Solid Ground Church

[Update to this post coming soon ~ it’s all a learning curve]

This is pretty much unknown territory for me, but I have some good mates like Ben and Braiden who have helped, plus I’m always keen to learn.

We wanted to be able to send either a live video feed, a DVD or a DSTV signal for 4 TV screens around our Church building. Mainly so the mom’s in the Mothers Room could feel like they’re a part of our meetings by being able to watch and listen to the worship, the preaching and whatever else happens in the meeting.

Plus we wanted to create a nice vibe in the coffee shop and lounge area by running our announcements (via DVD) or DSTV to these screens. This is going to be great when SupeRubgy kicks off end of Feb.

The options for any video installation are endless! but we opted for something that’s simple and works. At the moment we have 3 channels: Channel 1 sends a DSTV signal to all 4 screens, Channel 2 a live camera feed and Channel 3 a DVD signal.

I’ve attached a .pdf showing our setup.
Hope it helps you in some way if you’re looking do a video installation on the cheap.


AV Setup at Solid Ground – Feb 2012

Top 10 songs of 2011

Here’s a list of the Top 10 songs we sung at Solid Ground for 2011:

  1. The One who saves – Ben Fielding
  2. Where would we be – Jason Ingram, Matt Redman
  3. Here I am to worship – Tim Hughes
  4. Let God arise – Ed Cash, Chris Tomlin
  5. First and the last – Joel Houston, Reuben Morgan
  6. The highest and the greatest – Nick Herbert, Tim Hughes
  7. My reward – Jason Ingram, Kristian Stanfill
  8. Let our hearts awake – Brad Klynsmith
  9. Hosanna – Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown
  10. Forever reign – Jason Ingran, Reuben Morgan
[These stats taken from Planning Center Online]
What songs do you think should have been included?

Zombies, Wine, and Christian Music

I’m tired of Christian music. Well at least what is labelled Christian. What makes music Christian? The lyrics? The style? The pretty CD cover? The deep neck v’s and skinnys? The reference to god or God in the acknowledgments?

I remember shortly after giving my life to Jesus, [actually thinking about it now, I gave Him death. He gave me life], I remember going through CD acknowledgments and I’d look for references to God, or Jesus, or the Holy One and whatever that alluded to Jesus. If I found something, I would label the band as being Christian.

“Hey, did you know that U2 are a Christian band?” and “Guys, I think Iron Maiden are Christians too… no wait… nope, sorry.”

Michael Gungor has written a brilliant piece along these lines. Well worth the read here.

Gungor Music are a BRILLIANT band. Get your hands on their stuff.

Get out there and make good music. [note to self]