What your Leader expects from: Songword Projection

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This is Part 5 of my “What your Leader expects from” series and today we talk Songword Projection.
Displaying songwords in worship with excellence is often an overlooked area of ministry. Done well, it is not noticed much, but done poorly, everyone notices. (especially the English teachers in your congregation!)

So, how do we find a balance and help people worship without being a distraction?

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What your Leader expects from: Vocals (Guest post by @paularambling)

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Guest post by Paula Shepherd.
She also has her own blog here.

Do you serve as a backup vocalist on a worship team?
I asked Paula to offer some tips on how you can improve your singing and be a team player.

1. Practise

Find opportunities to sing – In the car, the shower, with your friends, wherever – just try and sing regularly.

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What your Leader expects from: Keys (Guest post by @elinorolivier)

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Guest Post by Elinor Olivier.

Hi, my name is Elinor Olivier and I’ve been serving in our Worship team for about 6 or 7 years now. I’d like to share some of what I have on my heart for you. Trusting that it will encourage you and add, even if it’s in a small way, to what you may already experience and live out.

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What your Leader expects from: Drums

This is Part 2 of my “What your Leader expects from” series and today we talk Drums.
Everyone wants to be the drummer in a band.
I mean, he’s rocking the kit! He’s blowing his hair back making as much noise as possible. He’s the guy having the most fun.

So where do you start?
What is expected of the drummer?

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“What your Leader expects from ___________” [fill in the blank]


Starting next week Monday, I’ll be posting an article each week titled “What your worship pastor expects from _____________” and then fill in the blank. I’ll be covering everything from the worship leader to the songword operators.

Hope these help you serve Jesus and His church better.