Worship Ministry: Finding the Balance between Hands and Heart



We have not been created to worship but created as worshippers.
The difference is that we don’t choose when we worship and when we don’t.
The truth is we are always worshipping.
The question is what are we worshipping?

Col. 3:23 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…”

You never are just doing your duty.
You never are just cranking it out.
You never are just going through the motions…

When we fail to see the glory of the King of the universe, we bring Him our leftovers.

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Checklist for Worship Team Members

Here’s a quick checklist for members of our worship team:

  1. Do you live a life of personal worship? Is your relationship with God real and growing?
  2. Do you support and submit to the leadership of Solid Ground Church? Do you express this in regular attendance of public meetings, being faithful with your finances, involved in a homegroup and are you seeking for opportunities to serve?
  3. Are you growing in your knowledge of and love for God, expressed in reading the Word and prayer?
  4. Is your lifestyle an example for others to follow in speech, life, love, faith and purity?
  5. Are you open to receiving correction?
  6. Do you have a servant attitude? Do you want to use the gift God has given you to serve the Church?

These are things we cover with someone who wants to get involved in worship, and they also serve as a good reminder for those currently serving.

Do you have any requirements? If so, what are they?

Notes from our Team Meeting on Sunday 30 Jan 2011

On Sunday 30 Jan we had our planning meeting for the year. It was really an opportunity for us to share what is on our hearts for the year ahead. I shared a bit, shared a bit more and then shared again…

We watched this scary video clip first, then got onto the heart of why we do what we do:

There is no doubt that Oprah loves giving gifts. It brings her immense joy. We then asked the question: “How much more does our Heavenly Father love to give us gifts and gifts that will last for eternity? How much more valuable are His gifts to us than a silly old car that will rust and fade away? And what are we doing with His gifts? Are we using them to be a blessing?”

Here are my notes from our time together.