Running Loops in Worship #Ableton #loops #worship

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Clicks. Cues. Loops.
What’s all that about?

If you’re a musician and on the lookout for new ideas and creative ways of doing things, chances are you’ve heard of clicks or loops. For those who haven’t, here’s a basic rundown:

1. Clicks

A click is the band’s time keeper. Like a metronome. Yes the drummer should be keeping time, but he’s human and will speed up and slow down. That’s a given. Generally choruses are sped up and verse slowed down. We all do that. A click allows a band to start in time (without having the drummer count you in on the hi-hat or his sticks) and helps you continue playing the rest of the song in time.

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Looptimus pedal by Loop Community



It’s my birthday in exactly 6 weeks time, so if you’re looking for any ideas on what to get me, here is one.
It’s called the Looptimus pedal.

Basically it’s a USB powered MIDI foot controller for Ableton Live, MainStage, Reason and more.
I’ve been using Ableton for a few months now to fire clicks and loops via my Macbook but it can be clumsy.
This pedal allows you to do the same (and more) using your feet.

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