A few months ago i started using Dropbox to share files with our worship team, and so far it’s been working well.

Previously if i tabbed a new song or found a free mp3 of a song I’d like us to learn, I would have emailed the file to the entire team. Ta da. No problem. But what If i forgot to do this? Or if someone was out of town, away from their printed music file and needed a copy of the music sheet for a new song? Dropbox to the rescue.

In Dropbox, the free version you get 2Gig of storage space for free. If someone accepts your invitation and loads Dropbox onto their machine, you get extra space. I’m currently sitting at 7Gig, for free. Nice.

You can either install the Dropbox software onto your machine, which will create a folder on your hard-drive and sync ALL files that are stored online onto your hard-drive. Make sure you have enough data available because this file can be BIG.

Alternatively, you have the option to view the files online, where you can pick and choose what files you’d like to download.

Dropbox is also available for:

Well as my Christmas gift to you, here’s the link to my Public Folder, which contains our entire music file in .pdf format, audio teachings, free mp3’s, loops and videos.

Have a wonderful rest of 2011!