#EquipSA Session 8 (Final Session): Tyrone Daniel (@tyroneLdaniel)

#EquipSA Session 8 (Final Session): Tyrone Daniel

We celebrate our diversity.
We never want to graduate from Jesus being our everything.

What the world says success is, is very different to what success in the Kingdom is.
Success in the Kingdom is a succession of “yes’s” to the King, regardless of the outcome and of our circumstances.

What does a great Church look like?

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#EquipSA Session 7: Grant Crawford (@grantncf)

#EquipSA Session 7: Grant Crawford
Defining Success

We put special people in boxes.
Important people to one side, and the not-so-important to the other.
We separate from the herd, and that thinking comes into the Church.

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#EquipSA Session 6: Tyrone Daniel (@tyroneLdaniel)

#EquipSA Session 6: Tyrone Daniel
Partnering for Purpose

What God has done this week, is not only just for this week.
Our churches should be different.
Our Businesses, our families, our nation should be different.

2 Corinthians 10:12

This is more than Paul’s heart. It is God’s heart.
We don’t need to catch Paul’s heart. We want to catch God’s.
What is His heart for the nations?

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#EquipSA Session 5: Mike Hanchett (@MichaelHanchett)

#EquipSA Session 5: Mike Hanchett

What is your expectation tonight?

  • His presence and power to heal is in this room tonight.
  • When they lowered that man through the roof to be healed, there was no indication that Jesus was praying for the sick.
  • There’s an expectation tonight that during the preaching of the Word, healings will take place.
  • I want to see His desire fulfilled tonight.
  • We still don’t completely have an idea of all that God desires to do, and God desires to do it through you and I.
  • I want to be like Caleb, that my latter years will be better than my former years.
  • God wants to do more than we ask, think or even imagine.
  • God transcends our personalities

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#EquipSA Session 3: Bruce Benge (@kiwibenge)

#EquipSA Session 3: Bruce Benge

Muhammed Ali:

“It’s hard to be humble when you’re as great as I am.”
“Superman don’t need no seat belt”
“It isn’t the mountains ahead that you climb that wear you out; it’s the pebble in your shoe.”

Hudson Taylor
“Dear friends, I am a little servant of an illustrious master”

William Temple
“Humility does not mean thinking less of yourself, not does it mean having a low opinion of your own gift – humility is not thinking about yourself one way or the other at all.”

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#EquipSA Session 2: Terry Kreuger (@TerryKreuger)

#EquipSA Session 2: Terry Kreuger
The Three Prodigals

Luke 15

If you miss verse 2, you miss the point of this story – It’s a response to the Pharisees doubt.
The Pharisees were the one who struggled with Jesus.
The sinners flocked to Him.
The Pharisees thought that their good deeds made them right with God.

Luke 7 – Jesus talking with the prostitute (sexual outcast)
John 4 – Jesus talking with the Samaritan woman (racial outcast)

Lost Sheep = Great effort

Lost coin = Great value

Two lost sons = Great love of a great Father

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