@NCMIEquipSA Session 4: Grant Crawford (@grantncf) #EQUIPSA

We serve a God who has given extravagantly to us, and it calls for an extravagant response. Life is too short for us to be conservative.

Our relationships need to have an edge of ‘wild’ about them.

Book of Joshua.
1 Kings 12 onwards.

  • God sees the Northern tribes were in a shocking shape of idolatry.
  • Elijah was sent first to the North.
  • Then Ahab comes to the throne – one of the worst kings – like Jeroboam. He brought himself a wife called Jezebel.
  • She dragged his heart after Baal worship and the massacre of Ahab’s people.

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#EquipSA Session 7: Grant Crawford (@grantncf)

#EquipSA Session 7: Grant Crawford
Defining Success

We put special people in boxes.
Important people to one side, and the not-so-important to the other.
We separate from the herd, and that thinking comes into the Church.

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