This I Believe (The Creed) chord sheet

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Taken from the Hillsong site.

The Apostles’ Creed is one of the most extraordinary statements in history; one of the most unifying statements of Christian belief. It centres around the core beliefs that have united the Church for centuries, and is a great part of many corporate worship services around the world.

With this in mind, John Dixon, Director of the Centre for Public Christianity, tweeted a brief request on January 4th, 2014:

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Hillsong Video Tutorials

Hillsong have been releasing work tapes for some songs off their latest album “God is Able”.
They’ve taken each song, cut them back to the very basics: one guitar, 2 vocalists and a percussionist to give you an easier way to learn them. I mean, we don’t all have 4 electric guitarists, 6 vocalists and a string quartet in our bands!

Here is “My heart is Overwhelmed”:

As they are released, I’ve been saving them to Dropbox as well.
If you’d like the link so you can download them too, drop me an email.

Have fun!

God is Able: Electric guitar tutorial video

On Monday we were in the Bay and I had to pop into the pharmacy. I walked right by the Christian Bookshop mainly because they don’t usually stock anything worthwhile. But, much to my amazement I saw a whole rack of the new “God is Able” CD’s and DVD’s! Oh heck yes! I’ll take some of those.

It’s an incredible album. Loving it more and more.
One of my favourite tracks is “God is Able”.

Check out the electric guitar tutorial video: