#EquipSA Session 5: Mike Hanchett (@MichaelHanchett)

#EquipSA Session 5: Mike Hanchett

What is your expectation tonight?

  • His presence and power to heal is in this room tonight.
  • When they lowered that man through the roof to be healed, there was no indication that Jesus was praying for the sick.
  • There’s an expectation tonight that during the preaching of the Word, healings will take place.
  • I want to see His desire fulfilled tonight.
  • We still don’t completely have an idea of all that God desires to do, and God desires to do it through you and I.
  • I want to be like Caleb, that my latter years will be better than my former years.
  • God wants to do more than we ask, think or even imagine.
  • God transcends our personalities

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