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Hey, been a while.

So this last weekend half our Church were away on a building project in #Swaziland. Church was quiet. Kids Church even quieter. And the band? Half the guys weren’t there!

You’ll remember a while ago me raving about all the new people that have joined our worship team, and you would’ve thought that this weekend would’ve been the perfect opportunity to get them involved. But I never. A missed opportunity. But never again. And here’s why…

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How do you handle growth?

2011 has been an amazing journey for us at Solid Ground. We opened up our new auditorium on 10/10/10, which is also our first after meeting in school and other halls since the Church started in 1994. We joked that we should meet at 10am and that Mark should preach on the Ten Commandments for 10 minutes! Ha ha…

Well since we’ve been meeting in our own permanent place, God has been doing some amazing things with us, one being He has led people to us that have a gift or at least a love for worship. It’s something I’ve been praying and trusting God with for ages. Really, there have been times where I’ve literally said, “God, why don’t we have more musicians? Where are they? Why aren’t You sending them?”

Then I realized something… You know when God met with Moses in Exodus 4, God asked Moses, “What do you have in your hand?” In other words, what do you ALREADY have? Look. Open your eyes. Its right there. Close by. What have I already given you?

God asked me the same question.

And you now what, God has been adding people to us. People who’ve been around for years, sitting back, not doing much. Those are the people He’s been adding, or bringing out. Yes He has been sending us new people, but mostly it’s been the guys already there with us. Close by. In our hands.


Now on a very practical note, with our worship rehearsal teams growing, I’ve struggled to find the balance between spending time with our core team members and involving the new guys.

Practically , EVERYONE who attends band rehearsal will not get a chance to sing or play. It’s just not going to happen. But I also don’t want the new guys coming along for weeks and never getting an opportunity.

Rob Rash, who I’ve learned so much from already has been such a great encouragement to me. Always taking the time to offer advice and share what they do. So grateful.

What do you guys do? How do you deal with new guys coming along to band? Do you not involve them, or do you throw them into the deep end?

Would love to hear…