Why we should try our absolute best, but never forget that only God is able

While planning and thinking about the new year ahead; all the things i’d like to achieve, dreams, goals, desires and stuff, I came across this article by Reuben Morgan from Hillsong.

Wow, he nails it.

“God’s presence is robust. He’s not nervous or timid, and He is always present, never failing, never out of time or out of action. So when the first chord sounds and the hands go up we’re not doing it to try and get His attention in the hope that He might stop by if His schedule allows. We can sing will heads thrown back and hands held wide in the knowledge that God is already among us. It’s not a matter of asking did God show up to our meeting. The question to wrestle with is this: did we show up to meet with God?”

Read the rest here.

God IS able.
All the best as you plan for 2012.


Small changes, big change

Some things I’ve changed over the last few weeks to up my productivity:

1. Start each day with a bit of prayer and reading

– helps me focus on what’s important
– gives me peace to know I’m where God wants me to be

2. Start my day at the office with a list of things that need to be done

– write down my to-to list as the ideas come up
– re-write in order of priority
– allocate a time frame to each item
– schedule in my Google Calendar
– get the stuff done

3. Find a creative outlet

– i need to be away from my Macbook during the day, even if it’s just walking around our auditorium and dreaming of what could be
– i started surfing (at 34) two weeks ago. Only been in the water twice but it’s been so good for me

4. Buy a bigger coffee mug

– bigger mug means less trips to the kitchen, which means more time at my desk, which means more productivity

5. Get out of the office

– kind of ties in with finding a creative outlet, but involves me getting out and having a meal or coffee with someone

6. Don’t check email first thing in the day

– i’ve experienced this far too often. I’ll have my day planned out, all items diarized. I check my mail and everything else goes for a ball of ‘dingis’. (a good old Afrikaans word which means poop)
– i also try my best (getting there slowly) to check my mail three times a day; at 9am, 1pm and 3:30pm
– i’ve also disabled push-email to my BB. When i feel like it I’ll go and check to see if i have mail thank you

That’s about it for now.
Hope some of these things help you get stuff done. I’m not nearly where I want to be, but I’m heading in the right direction. I hope. 🙂

Guys I’ve learned stuff from:

Ron Edmondson

Michael Hyatt

Cheers, Jakes